Unique building

The Wall. The tallest building in the Netherlands at 800 meters. A shopping and experiential center and at the same time, a sound barrier for those living along the A2 in Utrecht. An eye catcher that invites attention, attracts visitors, inspires and moves people. Inside, The Wall offers five floors of shops, restaurants and organized events. Businesses based at The Wall attract hundreds of thousands of customers every year, visitors who return home after a day out with plenty of new memories.

Impressive statistics

Every day, 200,000 motorists on the A2 in Utrecht enjoy the view of The Wall. The 800-meter long shopping and experiential center is situated within a 30-minute travel distance of 10,000,000 Dutch people and within 150 km of 28,000,000 people. With 25,000 m2 for retail and 37,000 m2 for leisure, there is plenty of space for high-end brands, catering outlets and inspirational events. Every customer will find exactly what they need at The Wall.