Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Spring @ The Wall

  1. Spring @ The Wall (hereafter referred to as: the competition) is presented by: The Wall.
  2. The competition runs from Friday 14 through Monday 17 April 2017.
  3. Competition flyers will be handed out to visitors during the entry period.
  4. Temporary or permanent employees of shops in the shopping centre are excluded from participation.
  5. Participants must accept a competition flyer in order to enter.
  6. The competition flyer contains a unique code that can be checked via the shopping centre’s website: thewall.nl.
  7. After entering the code and a number of details on the competition website, entrants can see immediately whether they have a won a prize.
  8. The codes can be entered until Saturday 22 April 2017 inclusive.
  9. The winner receives a home cleaning session of no more than 6 hours.
  10. The cleaner will use the materials available, use of professional cleaning materials is NOT included.
  11. The Wall will not be held liable for damage caused to the homes of competition entrants unless negligence can be proven.
  12. The work to be carried out consists of household cleaning tasks and related activities. Tasks such as walking the dog or taking the children to school are examples of what is not included.
  13. Deployment of cleaning staff will take place in consultation and is dependent on the schedule.
  14. The winner is obliged to cooperate with publicity in relation to the competition. The winner will receive no compensation for this.
  15. No correspondence will be entered into in respect of the result.
  16. Prizes cannot be refunded.
  17. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
  18. The number of competition flyers is limited; once they are gone, they are gone.
  19. The Wall reserves the right to amend, supplement or cancel the terms and conditions of the competition at any time and in any way without notification.
  20. Complaints about the competition can be lodged with The Wall in writing via wall@eventz.nl, following which contact will be made in writing or by telephone within three weeks of receipt.
  21. The Wall accepts no responsibility for any typos, misprints or printing errors.
  22. Participation in the competition is entirely at own risk.
  23. This competition is governed by Dutch law.
  24. Cases not provided for in these terms and conditions will be adjudicated by The Wall.
  25. By participating in the competition, entrants agree to the abovementioned terms and conditions.

Version 1.0, April 2017 The Wall